BRK Karts Gift Card - $50

Sale price$50.00

The ideal gift for any karter, giving them the choice to select the BRK product they desire!

These conditions apply to the use of the BRK Karts gift card ("gift card"). Purchasing or using the gift card means that you accept these conditions.

    1. The gift card can be used at the BRK Karts online store at
    2. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a refund, have their balance consolidated to a new card, or replaced after expiry.
    3. Keep track of your gift card. The gift card is a bearer card and anyone holding the gift card can use it towards payment for goods and services at BRK Karts are not responsible for any lost or stolen gift cards. If your card is lost or stolen report this by contacting BRK Karts. We may be able to stop the remaining value from being used.
    4. We may cancel any gift card, or the gift card scheme, for any reason at any time without notice. If so, we may either provide a refund or replacement gift card or equivalent value unless we reasonably suspect fraud in relation to a gift card.
    5. We can vary or replace these conditions from time to time. Please check our website at for the latest terms and conditions.
    6. The gift card is partially redeemable.
Denominations: $50.00
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