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Benson Racing Karts

Benson is one of the best known and most respected brands in Dirt and Speedway karting in Australia. The latest Benson Racing Kart models are bred from decades of success on the track to provide a proven race-winning product.

Benson Dirt Racing Kart
Benson Speedway Racing Kart
Benson Australian Racing Kart

Models available:

  • Senior - 102 or 104cm wheelbase
  • Junior - 101cm wheelbase
  • Twin & 250cc Outlaw - specifically designed for these classes & engines
  • Speedway - purpose built offset speedway chassis - wheelbase options on request

From $4,400

Features & Specifications:

  • 28.6mm 4130 chrome moly tubing
  • Benson unique chassis design
  • Chassis available in multiple colours:
    Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver, White
  • Sticker Kit available in 5 colour options:
    - Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow
  • Black/Silver KG F1 steering wheel
  • IMAF or fully padded seat
  • Chrome or black bar work
  • Black billet alloy sprocket carrier, brake carrier & wheel hubs
  • Hydraulic or mechanical brake options

Benson Racing Kart Racer Brake Disc
Benson Speedway Racing Kart
Benson Racing Kart Rear Axle Bearing

Benson Racing Kart Steering System
Benson Racing Kart Side View
Benson Racing Kart Steering Wheel

Ordering your Benson Kart

The options and features of Benson Kart models are designed for specific racing classes, driver weights and other parameters. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your needs in order to ensure your Benson kart suits your individual requirements perfectly.