• 28mm diameter European grade chrome moly tubing
• powder coat available in Most colours
• 1020mm – 1040mm wheelbase
• 40mm diameter hollow axle
• BRK’s cam-adjusting front end
• 50mm long alloy rear wheel hubs
• 18mm wide vented rear brake disc
• 6mm Thick BRK laser cut disc
• DENT 2 spot Hydraulic brakes

• Machined alloy steering tie rods
• BRK fully padded Racing Seat
• 3-litre fuel tank
• BRK flat top steering wheel.
• BRK 2019 Decal kit
• Powder coated Alloy wheels
• BRK design Mechanical brakes
• KG / OTK plastics
• All components chrome plated
• 2 bolt fully machined sprocket carrier

The brand new BRK FUSION, released in January , is the perfect combination of performance and development. The Fusion has changed from previous models from front to back in chassis design, with a new and fresh look.

The frame is made of Ø 28mm chrome steel tubes and can undergo a number of adjustments. Height and the rigidity can be modified, and adjustment of camber.

The “HEAVY” version, is based on the class in which it competes and also driver size, can be equipped with either Mechanical or Hydraulic brakes, and therefore has a specially designed body to the needs
of the class. ALL BRK Chassis and components are made in house.

                                         Additional costs may apply to interstate customers, depending on the size of the parcel